Are ATM Services Right For My Business?

Wondering whether providing ATM services is the right way to increase your business revenues? Or are you interested in looking to accept credit cards or switch credit card processors?

These are just some of the many Canadian businesses that have used ATMs from Evolution Cash Technologies to generate increased profits and who have set up their credit card processing with us.

atm for bar club pub

Bars, Clubs and Pubs

Evolution Cash provides expert ATM services and credit card processing to bars, club and pubs. Throughout Canada, Evolution Cash provides great ATM products and programs, as well as point of sale systems to the food and beverage industry.

atm for bar club pub


If you own or manage a campground, Evolution Cash can help you make your campground more popular and earn you more profits by providing ATMs for your visitors. We can also set you up with low cost credit card processing and point of sales systems.


Your casino or gaming facility customers want food, drink and cash.  If you don’t provide reliable ATMs they’ll go elsewhere – for cash and to play. Evolution Cash has the ATMs you need. We can also set you up with a cost effective merchant account.

Convenience Stores

We offer ATMs for convenience stores that will help you increase your profits. Our ATM programs mean whenever your customers use the ATM in your store, they’re happy and you’re making money. We can also provide you with a state of the art POS system.

Convention Centres

Evolution Cash understands the cash requirements and needs of this type of facility and we have placed both permanent or temporary ATMs when and where they are needed. We’ll also provide you with the ideal credit card processing solution for your location.  

Co-Op Stores

Evolution Cash provides ATM services to Co-Op Stores across Canada helping to increase Co-Op profits. Customers use more cash, so credit card processing fees and bad cheque losses also decrease. If you do want a merchant account we can provide that too.

Educational Institutions

ATMs located in a school’s student centre or library provide an amenity to students and employees alike for little to no cost. Both students and staff attest to increased productivity, and your institution will enjoy the benefit of an additional income stream. We can also provide you with credit card processing facilities.

Gas Stations

Evolution Cash provides ATM services to gas and service stations of all sizes and has ATMs placed in gas stations throughout Canada. Contact us to purchase, lease or get a free ATM for your gas station or service station and start earning your additional income. We’ll also set you up with a cost effective merchant account.

Golf Courses

You can get an ATM for your golf course clubhouse from Evolution Cash Technologies. Our low profile ATMs will help you save space inside your clubhouse or pro shop while putting cash into the hands of your customers, and providing you with additional profits. We can also set you up with a POS system.

Grocery Stores

Evolution Cash Technologies provides grocery stores with a reliable way to earn more profits and offer an extra service to their customers. We’ve placed hundreds of ATMs in Canadian grocery stores. Find out how we can provide an ATM or POS system to you.  

Hotels and Motels

An ATM is a necessity for taxis and tourism. Now you can offer this amenity to your Hotel and Motel guests. Evolution Cash offers ATMs for hotels and motels. A convenience for your guests and increased revenue for you. We’re also able to provide state of the art POS systems.

Recreation Centres

Evolution Cash has placed ATMs in many large recreation centres and we understand the cash needs of this type of facility. If you’re hosting a special event, we can set up a temporary ATM when and where needed. We can also set you up with a merchant account.
ATM Machines for your restaurant


Evolution Cash provides ATMs for restaurants. We have three different programs that will help you get an ATM into your location; lease, purchase or in certain cases – we can place an ATM at no charge. We also provide merchant accounts and a variety of POS systems for the restaurant business.

Shopping Malls

Evolution Cash provides shopping mall owners with service, reliability and revenue. We put cash into your customers’ hands and increase your overall revenue. If you need a merchant account, we’ll provide that too.Our ATMs include couponing options for additional revenue opportunities.  

Special Events

The success of your special event depends on the revenue earned at the event – and one easy way to generate that extra revenue is to have temporary ATM’s available to your visitors. Use Evolution Cash ATMs and your visitors can access the cash they need and you make extra income. 

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