How Installing An ATM Will Increase Revenue

Install an ATM and Increase Revenue

While there’s no doubt that installing an ATM in your establishment is a great way to generate additional business income, an ATM can generate additional benefits for your business. Most businesses owners don’t have any idea about how valuable having an ATM on their premises can be. The fact is, an ATM in your business will increase revenue for you.

If you own a retail business, restaurant, hotel, bar, or fast food establishment and don’t have an ATM you’re missing out on easy income and other benefits. Owning and operating an ATM machine is easier than operating your merchant account, and less complicated than a cash register…..and, just by having the ATM in your premises you generate more business and increase revenue.

ATMs are not new and years of data collection show that retail stores, such as convenience stores, grocery stores and gas stations which have an ATM machine at their location make more sales and are generally more successful. The most significant reason for this is that people have to come in if they want to use the ATM.
With the latest credit crunch, consumers are using much more cash over credit. Giving them access to cash can only help your bottom line. Once they’re in your store and withdrawing cash, they often end up buying small items or impulse items. By doing so, your sales volume increases.

You make money on the additional sales and on the ATM surcharge.


Evolution Cash Will Provide An ATM Program Customized to Your Specific Needs

At Evolution Cash we aim to lead the ATM industry with our approach to personalized Customer Service. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” ATM solution for our clients. You and your business are unique, and you deserve a specialized ATM Plan that fits your unique needs. From big corporations to independent retailers; multiple locations or single shops; whether your business is national, regional or local - Evolution Cash  will design an individualized ATM Plan that meets your unique needs.

Most importantly - if you’re not happy with your program for whatever reason, we will happily change or adjust it for you until you are completely satisfied. That's our guarantee!

How Does Evolution Cash Provide Such Great Customer Service?

  • We don’t lock you in to long, complicated contracts
  • We offer flexible ATM programs (buy, lease, rent to own) – that you can change at any time without penalty
  • We provide real-time web access and reporting so you can see:

Best ATM Programs in Canada

  • Whether your ATM is working
  • How much money is left in the machine vault
  • The individual transactions that have been processed (both past and current)
  • Deposits that have been loaded



Transparency, Flexibility and Outstanding Customer Service are our hallmarks.

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