ATM Cash Machine Owen Sound, Port Elgin, Ontario

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ATM Cash Machine Owen Sound, Port Elgin, Ontario

ATM Users Pay With Cash

You save money on processing.
ATM Cash Machine Owen Sound, Port Elgin, Ontario

Point of Sale Systems

With the right point of sale system, you can increase your sales and revenues. We have a comprehensive selection of easy to set up and use POS systems.
ATM Cash Machine Owen Sound, Port Elgin, Ontario

Get The Leading Edge Clover Flex

It’s Everything You Need On One Simple Device.
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Get Money When You Need It!

Have a location with a captive audience? Give them the convenience of cash.
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An Automated Teller Machine in Your Co-Op

A Service to Your Customers and Increased Profits for You
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What is a Casino Without Cash?

The convenience of money right away – and you get some too!
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Get Money Where You Need It

When you don’t take plastic – Give them cash.
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Everyone Needs Gas!

Sometimes they need cash too.

Benefits Of Owning An ATM Machine

If you’re eager to get started and want a quick overview of how an ATM can generate more income for and grow your existing business – read on.

Earn Extra Income With An ATM

An ATM machine will increase traffic to your location – that means more sales, and more revenue for you.Find out how much you can earn with an ATM.

Watch Our Introductrory Video

If you don’t like reading but want to find out about how you can attract more customers to your location and earn extra income by buying or leasing an ATM machine – watch out short video.

Accept Credit and Debit Cards in Your Business

Accept all types of debit and credit card payments everywhere you sell. From easily accepting credit and debit cards at your business, getting paid on the go, to selling online.

Choose The Right Credit Card Terminal

There are a many different types of credit card terminals to choose from. We can help you make the right choice for your business based on your credit card processing needs.

Secure Mobile Payment Processing

Close transactions wherever you are and easily accept credit and debit payments with our portable, secure, and affordable mobile point of sale terminals.

Is An ATM Right For Your Business?

No matter what industry your business is in – having an ATM can help you increase your profits. Whether it’s a Convenience Store, Gas Station, Casino, Recreation Centre, Restaurant, Bar, Co-Op or Shopping Mall – we have the right, income generating ATM for you.

Lease, Buy or Get an ATM for Free

We provide totally customized ATM solutions. Whether you want to own your ATM, rent a machine or just have one on site without any responsibility for its maintenance – we will customize your ATM program to suit your needs.

How To Make Money With An ATM

You can increase your profits by buying or leasing an ATM machine for your business. You can provide extra convenience to your customers, increase their spend at your establishment and increase your business profits as well, simply by installing an ATM machine.

Meadwood Green Confectionary has been a happy customer of Evolution Cash for many years. During these years, we have had the pleasure of dealing with efficient, friendly, and very helpful staff. Any questions we have are quickly addressed and service issues are also dealt with in a timely manner.

Evolution Cash has helped us increase our revenues and has become a valued partner in our business. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Evolution Cash Technologies to anyone wanting an ATM.


Store Owner, Meadwood Green Confectionary / Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

From the standpoint of Stan’s Place, Evolution Cash Technologies has been a solid performer – exceeding all our expectations for (ATM) service, flexibility and customer satisfaction. I highly recommend them to you for all your ATM needs – you won’t regret it.


Owner, Stan's Place / Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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Whether you want a better deal on your credit card processing, or want an ATM located at your business,- we’re here to help.
Send us a message and ask your questions or ask us to contact you.  We promise to get back to you within one business day.
If you’re in a hurry – you can call us at 888-724-1114