Benefits Of Owning An ATM Machine

Wondering whether buying or renting an ATM is a good way to earn extra money?

Check out these benefits of owning an ATM!

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No Locked In Contract

Evolution Cash Will Never Lock You In

We understand your concerns about being locked in to a long term agreement. What if you decide that you want to change or end it? No need to worry. At Evolution Cash we won’t lock you in. If you decide that you want to change some aspect of your ATM arrangement, you don’t have to wait for some set period of time before we adjust your agreement with us. We want you to be profitable, successful and happy – so we will never lock you in.

Get An Additional Income Stream


A smart business owner is always looking for ways to increase profits while enhancing services offered to customers. Invest in an Evolution Cash ATM and you immediately create an additional income stream for you and add service and value for your customers.

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How An ATM Will Increase Your Revenues

More Traffic, More Sales, More Revenue

Having an ATM in your business or store will attract more people to your establishment.  Research has shown that those people will likely spend some of the money they withdraw from the ATM at your business. It’s simple. Install an ATM and get more traffic, more sales, more revenue than ever before.

Flexible ATM Plans

Buy, Lease or Rent To Own

If you have decided that you want an ATM machine in your business or facility, but you’re not  sure about what kind of program you want to enter into. Well, you can put your fears to rest. At Evolution Cash we offer you the ultimate in flexibility. You can start out with one arrangement, and, once you get a feel for the business, if you change your mind and want to set up a different arrangement, we’ll be happy to accommodate you. We want you to be successful, prosperous and happy – so, at Evolution Cash we’re flexible – we do it your way.

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Increased Sales

And Increased Profits For You

Retail studies have found that having an ATM at your business location can increase the footfall or traffic into your business. Even more importantly for you, research has also found that having an ATM can increase sales at your business by as much as 50% of the amount withdrawn from your ATM. Imagine having your in-store sales increase by that amount! Increased sales mean increased profits – just a click away.

Reduce Your Credit Card Processing Fees

How ATM Ownership Will Increase Your Income

Let’s face it – You pay a lot to your credit card processing. While this is a necessary cost of doing business, because of the convenience debit and credit card payment offers to your customers, if you lower the amount you pay for processing, you get to keep more money in your pocket. Having an ATM will do that for you. Studies have shown that customers of businesses which have an ATM on their premises tend to pay for their purchases with cash more often. They pay with cash and you don’t pay processing fees – a great Win-Win result.

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Marketing Support Included

We Help You Get Started

At Evolution Cash, your success matters – so we provide you with everything you need to get started with your ATM. We’ll help you pick the right machine for you. We’ll install it for you. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about how to operate it, or, if you choose, we’ll operate it for you. And we’ll provide you with the supplies you need to run your machine and advertise its presence at your establishment. It’s easy – you don’t have to do a thing.

Cancel Any Time

Risk Free ATMs

You might be concerned about getting involved with a long-term locked in contract. Well, with Evolution Cash you can put your worries to rest. We want you to be happy – so we will not compel you to maintain your relationship with us if you decide that having an ATM at your business is not right for you. But first, we’re going to try to keep you as a customer – we’re really proud of our first class customer service – and we’ll do what we can to address any concerns you might have and solve any problems you might encounter. But if that doesn’t work, you’re free to end your relationship with us. 

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Get Started

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Meadwood Green Confectionary has been a happy customer of Evolution Cash for many years. During these years, we have had the pleasure of dealing with efficient, friendly, and very helpful staff. Any questions we have are quickly addressed and service issues are also dealt with in a timely manner.

Evolution Cash has helped us increase our revenues and has become a valued partner in our business. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Evolution Cash Technologies to anyone wanting an ATM.


Store Owner, Meadwood Green Confectionary / Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

From the standpoint of Stan’s Place, Evolution Cash Technologies has been a solid performer – exceeding all our expectations for (ATM) service, flexibility and customer satisfaction. I highly recommend them to you for all your ATM needs – you won’t regret it.


Owner, Stan's Place / Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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Got Questions? We’re Happy To Answer Them!

Whether you have some general questions or you want to get started and install an ATM in your business – we’re here to help.
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