Accept Visa and MasterCard


atm and abm machines in canada

Benefits Of Accepting Visa Credit Cards

Give customers a convenient, easy way to pay. Visa cards are the most widely held personal and commercial payment cards in Canada

Get fast access to funds. Visa card transactions are credited to your account almost immediately.

Deliver high levels of security. Visa’s multiple layers of security protect your business and your customers from fraud online, over the phone and at point-of-sale.

Reduce the cost of cash management and slippage. Accepting Visa helps limit transactions made with actual cash.

Evolution Cash will get you up and running quickly & easily. Start accepting Visa Credit Card Payments. We can support your business as it grows with our leading credit card processing solutions. Both new and established businesses can help increase sales and improve customer satisfaction by accepting Visa Credit Card payments.

Benefits Of Accepting MasterCard Credit Cards

Whether you’re a new business or an established enterprise, accepting MasterCard will have a big impact on your bottom line.

atm and abm machines in canada

Some of the most significant benefits of accepting Visa and MasterCard include:

A positive impact on sales

Improve your checkout process

Attract more customers

Faster checkout, happier customers, guaranteed payment — these are just a few reasons why it makes sense to start accepting MasterCard in your business.

Start accepting credit and debit card payments online, in app or in person with Evolution Cash.

Find out more by contacting your Evolution Cash account rep.

Mobile Payments

Accept any kind of debit or credit card payment, anywhere you sell or deliver, and make paying easy and secure for you and your customers.

Credit Card Terminals

Choose from a wide range of credit card terminals to ensure your business can accept payments the best way that fits all of your needs.


We offer ECommerce and payment gateway solutions that make it easier for your customers to pay and to maximize your business’ online potential.

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Benefits For Your Business

Evolution Cash provides merchant accounts and low credit card processing rates for dozens of merchant categories including Trades Supply Stores, Convenience Stores, ECommerce Businesses, Auto Mechanics, General Stores, Food Trucks and more.
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