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Increase Your Income With An ATM In Your Restaurant

Your restaurant should never have to turn away a guest because they don’t want to pay with a credit card. Evolution Cash provides a range of ATM Plans guaranteed to help you get money into the hands of your patrons.
More guests, spending more cash and more revenue for you.

Evolution Cash will help you to place the right ATM in your Restaurant, and will then provide you with the support you need to ensure that your ATM  is profitable.

We offer the latest, high quality ATM machines from Hantle and Triton that will perfectly fit your restaurant’s size and needs, are affordable to purchase or lease and are easy to maintain. We also offer flexible terms that meet your financial needs and maximize your profits.

Evolution Cash provides a variety of ATM Plans for restaurants that will help you generate that additional income stream.

As leaders in the placement of Free, Leased and Purchased cash machines in Canadian restaurants,  Evolution Cash Technologies will ensure your ATM program is easy and profitable. Talk to one of our experienced local representatives today about the how you can start earning additional income with an ATM machine in your restaurant


How To Increase Your Income With An ATM

An Evolution Cash Technologies ATM machine means more than cash in the hands of your restaurant patrons –  it means more money in your hands as well. We know from our experience that Evolution Cash Technologies cash machines generate increased income for our restaurant clients in four ways:

  Directly, through earned transaction surcharge fees

  By increasing traffic through your restaurant

   By encouraging more spending within your restaurant

   By reducing the amount of credit card processing fees you pay    

Buy, Lease or Place a Free ATM from Evolution Cash in your restaurant

Best Credit Card Processing Rates in CanadaMerchant Services – Debit and Credit Card Processing

Save money by signing up with Evolution Cash Merchant Services. We have great rates on credit card and debit card processing. With Evolution Cash Merchant Services you can start accepting secure debit and credit card transactions. Our Merchant Services division offers competitive pricing on a variety of POS terminals, debit and credit card processing and gift cards.

Transparency, Flexibility and Outstanding Customer Service are our hallmarks.


get an atm to increase the profits of your restaurant

ATMs Offer A New Way to Advertise

An Evolution Cash Technologies cash machine can provide you with more than additional income – it can provide you with a new way to advertise. Talk to one of our knowledgeable local representatives to find out how you can get added value from your ATM with coupon dispensing and on-screen and high topper advertising which can promote new menu items,  special cocktails or upcoming events at your restaurant and keep visitors coming back.  

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