If you’re like most prospective ATM owners, you want to know how much you’ll have to spend to buy an ATM for your business. The answer to this question is very simple – it depends on how much you want to spend.

If you don’t want to spend anything up front – then Evolution Cash can set you up with an ATM machine and services at no cost to you. If you want to maximize your ATM earnings then you can buy an ATM machine outright. How much you spend, depends on the features that you’d like your ATM to have.

If You Decide To Buy An ATM Machine

There are many ATMs that you can choose from and the choices might seem overwhelming if you’re new to the ATM business. But Evolution Cash is here to help.

Your Evolution Cash Account Manager will tell you exactly what to expect when buying your own ATM. We’ll:

Help you determine what kind of ATM will best meet your business needs.
Help you through the setup process from start to finish
Program your ATM,
Ship your ATM to your business,
Help you schedule an ATM Installer

Once your ATM is installed, we’ll train you on the day to day operation of your ATM.

Evolution Cash will also provide support 24 hours a day to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Which ATM Should You Buy?

There are many ATMS to choose from. Evolution Cash supplies both Triton ATM machines and Hantle ATMs, each of which offer a variety of models. In deciding which ATM to buy for your business, we’ll help you take a number of considerations into account such as:

Will your ATM be located indoors or outdoors?
Will you need an armoured ATM?
How much foot traffic do you expect your ATM to service?

Based on your answers to these questions, your Evolution Cash Account Manager will help you choose the best ATM for your business and to maximize your profits.

How Much Does An ATM Cost?

If you decide that want to purchase an ATM outright, you’ll set yourself up to earn a much larger portion of transaction fees on an ongoing basis. Generally, the price to buy an ATM starts at less than $2200 and can go up to $10,000. The best sellers are usually in the $3000 range.

In conclusion, if you have customers asking you for the location of the closest ATM, or if you have a large amount of foot traffic coming into or walking by your location on a daily basis, hen you will definitely profit from having an ATM machine in your business.

With years of Canadian experience and hundreds of ATMs placed throughout Canada, Evolution Cash understands the needs of Canadian businesses. So you feel that you’d rather not purchase a cash machine at this point, with the Evolution Cash Starter Plan or Lite Plan, you can get an ATM placed in your business at no cost to you. That’s right – no initial purchase required – we’ll place an ATM in your business for free.

In fact, with our No – Cost Turnkey Starter Plan we handle everything from the cost of the ATM machine, installation, maintenance, cash services, insurance, atm sign, paper supplies, transaction processing, and more. All you have to do is provide a square metre of space, electrical outlet and and a telephone line, and then sit back and collect your profits.

If you want a greater portion of the revenues than is provided with the Starter of Lite Plans, then the Evolution Cash Pro Plan is your best choice. With the Pro Plan, you don’t have to buy and ATM Machine up front, you lease the ATM for your business.

If you lease an ATM, you’ll be responsible for filling it with cash, you’ll set the surcharge rate and you’ll receive a significant portion of the surcharge in return. This should pay for your ATM lease and generate extra profit for you. You’ll also get additional benefits from having the ATM at your business – simply due to the increased foot traffic.

If you’re uncertain about whether you want to buy a machine, did you know that you can rent an ATM for a modest monthly amount from Evolution Cash for as long as you like. The lease or rental cost is usually easily paid for from your portion of the transaction fees. If you decide that you want to remove the ATM from your business, we’ll do that for you. If you decide that you’d prefer to stop renting and want to buy an ATM machine, we’re happy to change your arrangement with Evolution Cash, and help you buy your ATM.

At Evolution Cash we want to your ATM to be as profitable as possible – so we’re there to help you every step of the way.