Why Choose Evolution Cash ATMs

Because We Provide Fully Customized ATM Plans for Your Business


Why Choose Evolution Cash Technologies?

Benefits of getting an ATM from Evolution CashEvolution Cash Technologies offers the latest in ATM (automated teller machine) technology for both high and low traffic locations available in Canada today.  Even if you think that you’re short on space, our low profile ATMs will help you save space inside your business while putting cash into the hands of your customers.

When you decide to partner with us we provide a free analysis of your business, recommend the best ATM and ATM plan for your specific location and help you get setup and started with your own ATM.

Customized ATM Plans for Canadian Business

If you’re not sure about what kind of ATM Plan you need for your Canadian business, don’t worry. Evolution Cash Technologies will work with you to create a customized ATM Plan for your business – so that you make the best decision for you and your business and maximize your profit making ability.  

With local representatives available throughout Canada, we are available to provide you with the expert advice and guidance you need to earn the most profit that you can from your ATM.

How Evolution Cash Will Help You Get Started

 We help you determine whether to lease or buy an ATM or whether a Free ATM is the best fit for you.

 If you are leasing or buying a machine we help arrange flexible terms that meet your budget.

 We offer you flexible, customized solutions to meet your ATM needs.

 We install your ATM in an optimal space and give you marketing strategies to maximize your profits.

 Optimum placement of your ATM machine ensures your ATM’s visibility, accessibility and usage.

 Guaranteed 27/7 support; ATM up time of over 99%; training, and supplies.


No hidden fees, top of the line ATMs, resources, maintenance and service for ATM machines, years of experience and more…work with the professionals at Evolution Cash Technologies.

customized ATM plan
Evolution Cash has partnered with Hantle and Triton Systems to provide Canadian businesses and organizations with ATM machines that are affordable to purchase or lease and easy to maintain.


You can even start with a Free machine if you’re not 100% certain that this is right for you


We offer flexible terms that meet your needs and maximize your profits. 
customized ATM plan

Choose Your ATM Plan

  • Choose Your Plan

  • ATM Machine
  • Who Supplies The Cash
  • Starter - Earn Some

  • $

  • FREE Cash Machine
  • Evolution Cash loads the ATM
  • Pro - Earn Even More

  • $$$

  • You Lease The ATM
  • You Load the ATM
  • Premium - Earn The Most

  • $$$$

  • You Buy The ATM
  • You Load the ATM

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ATM Profit Calculator

ATM Profit Calculator
If you're considering whether to place an ATM in your business, but don't know whether it's worth it, let our easy to use ATM Profit Calculator show you how much money you can earn with an ATM. Just click on the button below.