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No Matter What You're Paying Right Now - We Guarantee To Beat It!

The Best Credit Card Processing In Canada

Get the best credit card processing with the best rates and the best service, with the best credit card processing company in Canada. Not only can you make money with an ATM from Evolution Cash you can save money on your credit card processing. You also get complete flexibility with your credit card processing. Lease, rent or buy your terminal, it’s your choice. We will help you set up the best deal for you!

Why Choose Evolution Cash?


Because Evolution Cash Is The Leader in Customer Service and Satisfaction

 Countertop, wireless or online shopping cart. Get what you need! Not what others want to sell you.

 Smart phone processing with better rates than Square (or anyone else) PLUS debit card processing through smart phones.

 Customer support right here in Canada and technical support depots all across Canada.

 Evolution Cash works with First Data Merchant Services a preferred supplier to Chambers of Commerce all across Canada.

No matter what you are paying right now we guaranty to beat it.


If you need credit card processing or a merchant account contact Evolution Cash for the best rates for credit card processing in  Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and BC Canada. It’s easy to get the best rates for your credit card processing with Evolution Cash.

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ATM Profit Calculator
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